Edibles | Brussels Sprout

I recently fell in love with brussels sprouts I saw at the grocery store. I have always loved cabbage and I figured brussels sprouts are so similar I should give them a try! I found an amazing recipe and tweaked it a little, I have to say it is the most amazing dish I have had in awhile.

Ingredients --
    brussels sprouts
    brown sugar

1) Put 1-2 tablespoons of butter on a skillet and wait until the butter is completely melted (should be slightly bubbling)
2) Add the brussels sprouts onto the pan and let it sit (about 12 minutes)
3) Add one spoonful of brown sugar (you can use a normal spoon), and sprinkle over the brussels sprouts
4) Let the brussels sprouts sit for another 5 minutes or until all the sugar is melted
5) Add another tablespoon of butter and let melt
6) Add another spoonful of sugar and let melt
7) Repeat steps 5-6 until desired taste, if not, continue to let the brussels sprouts sit until completely tender (about another 10 minutes)