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Originally I wanted to post some short stories I have been working on but for the time being this section will not be started yet. Sorry!


Luncheons - Charlie Brown Cafe, Taiwan

My past visit to Taiwan this time I was able to visit the Charlie Brown Cafe. Although the restaurant was quaint the decorations were very adorable. If you're a CB fan I would definitely recommend going to see the decorations and enjoy the latte (the only beverage that comes with a CB latte art). Overall the food was mediocre but the decorations was well worth the trip. 

Charlie Brown Cafe
No. 2, Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Oasis | Disneyland - Hong Kong

I recently got a chance to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong. I live close enough to Disneyland in California, but the Hong Kong one seemed a lot more suitable when you visit with children. It took us a day and it was like a downsized Disneyland in California. However, nothing was spared and it still had the Disneyland magic that we always secretly wish for when we enter this magical kingdom. They also have a Mickey Mouse transit train to take you to and from Disneyland.


Visuals | Color Block

I've fallen in love with color block clothing, I actually own a few and didn't realize how much I liked them. My wardrobe is pretty dark in colors and mostly solids because I enjoy accessorizing. Thus let me introduce you to the color block. Color block still gives the sense of solid colors and easy to accessorize items while creating a new effect. I still stick with the dark color blocks of black vs gray and gray vs white, but I have to say I have grown to like color block fashion lately and see them in every day objects.

Wall | Nails | Pillows | Coasters | Cakes | Ice Cubes


Edibles | Salmon & Soba in Ginger Broth

The city is starting to become chilly with the cold weather. Here is a simple recipe to make some salmon in ginger broth with soba noodles adapted from Food & Wine's recipe!

1 pack soba
dashi stock (2 - 3 cups)
1 tbp soy sauce
ground ginger spice
1 carrot
shiitake mushroom
enoki mushroom
1 salmon fillet
1 bunch spinach leaves

in a large pot, cook soba with the directions on the packet
in a medium saucepan, cook the dashi stock, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and dash of ginger spice and bring to low simmer
add in some chopped spinach ends and sliced salmon fillet and let simmer for about 10 minutes
add in the carrots to cook fully through (another 5 minutes)
add in the enoki and shiitake mushrooms to the broth until everything is fully cooked (roughly 10 more minutes to ensure complete softness)
scoop into bowl some soba and top with salmon and broth


Luncheons | Juliette Kitchen & Bar, Newport Beach

I recommend going to Juliette Kitchen if you are ever at Newport Beach after a trip to Fashion Island. Although we all stick with small plates I had to say it was worth it. It was like trying out tapa dishes!

[Top Row] pork cheeks | drink | farro risotto | pimm's cup
[Bottom Row] bramble| grilled peaches | affogato + sea salt chocolate chip cookie | grilled prawns

Juliette Kitchen & Bar
1000 Bristol Street
N Ste. 11
Newport Beach, CA 92660
mon 11am - 930pm
tue - thu 11am - 10pm
fri 11am - 1030pm
sat 4pm - 1030pm


Oasis | Legoland, San Diego

My favorite spot at Legoland would be the musical instrument section. The creations were incredibly cute and they were also ale to play music and spray out water! I know I sound like a kid, but seriously, these legos were pretty darn amazing.