Visuals | Doors

When visiting a friend or when waiting for your family and friends to visit, sometimes the front door isn't always open. However, have you noticed that someone's front door can mean a lot? I remember that my mom was designing our new front door to give the entire community a glimpse of what the house inside may be like -- perhaps a snippet of the happiness that is within those doors. Regardless, these are some beautiful doors that I have seen and I have to say, having a stained glass pantone door seems ethereal. 


Edibles | Rose

Rose, rose, rose -- one of the most classic flowers to define true love, but to add the flavor "rose" in food, beverages must have started out as a revelation! I really do enjoy rose tea, especially the one pictured above. Rose macarons and truffles comes up next. I thought I would like rose champagne/rose wine, but it has a sort of bitter taste that does take some adjustments. I have also come across using rose salt to enhance beef tastes in a couple restaurants (not so much here but very widely loved in Asia). And lastly, who can pass up salmon sushi in the shape of a rose?

Rose Sea Salt (baths) | Moet Nectar Rose Champagne | Rose Macarons | Rose Salmon | Rsp Rose Cake


Oasis | Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco was an amazing place to be. There is also one in Los Angeles in Descanso Garden, but being in San Francisco made it seemed more like Japan than ever. There were beautiful maple leaves, cherry blossoms, and bonsai trees. We also enjoyed Ochazuke which is rice immersed in green tea. Given San Francisco's cold weather, the ochazuke was delicious.

Japanese Tea Garden (San Francisco Golden Gate Park)
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118
Open Daily


Luncheons | Patisserie Chantilly

Patisserie Chantilly is a cafe in Lomita, California. The first time I went the macarons were sold out and I was super disappointed. The second time around I ordered the macarons. Luckily she was willing to provide most of the flavors, except mocha. I ordered raspberry, matcha, black sesame, lavender earl grey, passion fruit, chocolate, and vanilla (not pictured). On the right you can see three different types of dessert, tarte chocolat, le matcha, and kir royale. The tarte chocolat reminds me of ferrero rochers. Delicious! I really enjoyed the matcha and lavender earl grey macarons. Would I go back? Most likely, but that won't be until awhile later.

P√Ętisserie Chantilly
2383 Lomita Blvd. #104, Lomita, CA 90717
mon-tues: closed
wed-sun: 11 to 7


Visuals | Reflection Photography

I have an awe for reflection photography, it is one of the hardest photography to make beautiful pictures. These are some of the ones I looked at recently and fell in love with. The clover one is exceptionally beautiful, at first glance you can't see much, but look closer and the entire forest is within the little vase. The puzzle picture is adorable, too! And I had to add the water droplet picture -- those are just so breathtaking. 


Edibles | Matcha Everything

Matcha matcha matcha, delicious!! My favorite dessert on the world, matcha green tea ice cream. I used to have it once in awhile in Asia at Azabu Sabo. Their matcha tea is also amazing there! A little bit of matcha here and there can add such fun to the world. It is also known to be extremely healthy for you (of course, no sugar). My current love is Kit Kat Matcha Flavor. After having it at work one day I fell in love with them and just bought two large packs today. 

Matcha Chocolate Bars | find them in Mistuwa Markets in Southern California
Matcha Macarons | Patisserie Chantilly also makes them amazingly!
Matcha Kit Kat | find them in Mistuwa or Nijiya Markets in Southern California
Matcha Cake from Chantilly


Oasis | Descanso Garden, Los Angeles

Went to Descanso Garden the other weekend and saw the most amazing flowers. Will have to return in Spring for the lilacs! We also encountered daddy and mommy geese with their babies, so adorable. I would suggest going early in the morning as the midday sun is pretty intense in this area. Also, the garden isn't as big as the map makes it, so a full day at the garden is more than enough time!


Luncheons | Pop Champagne

Apologies that the lighting wasn't too great on the photos but this is an amazing place to try out in Pasadena, especially for the happy hour! From left to right you can see champagne drinks, daily souffle (they change the flavor every day), ratatouille pizza, and two tapas (goat cheese and mushroom bruschetta & deviled eggs). The champagne drinks were sparkling hibiscus, pop royale, bellini, and almond joy. I have to say, the sparkling hibiscus was my all time favorite. The ratatouille pizza was simple and delicious!

Pop Champagne
33 East Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91103
mon: special events
tues-sun: 5pm to close


Edibles | Sugar Cubes

Recently I've seen a trend in sugar cubes becoming an art to add a little bit of something to our every day life. Adorable little items that adds a touch of delicacy to any typical morning coffee or afternoon tea. A simple item to sprinkle happiness into our mundane lives.