Edibles | Rice with Salmon and Edamame

A really simple dish that you can just leave in the rice cooker while doing other chores is this rice with salmon with edamame dish. This is an alteration from No Recipe's Salmon Oyako Wappa Meshi. The items that No Recipe requested was out of budget for me and so I opted for something more budget friendly. Give the below recipe a try!

2 cups of rice

1/4 cup of sake
1 piece of salmon
1 cup of edamame


rinse out the rice and add 1/4 cup of sake
let the rice sit for about 1 hr
after 1 hr start the rice cooker with your typical ratio
meanwhile cut the salmon into thin slices and set aside
boil a pot of water and cook the edamame
take the edamame out of the shell
when the rice cooker clicks to steam, place the slices of salmon on top of the bed of rice
close the lid quickly and let the salmon steam for about 20 minutes
once the salmon looks light pink, move the salmon to the side and mix the rice with the edamame
serve immediately!

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