Luncheons | Rokuan

Rokuan, a small quaint restaurant located in Chino Hills. Not a large location, this place holds one of the most delicious and authentic Japanese ramen & sushi that you can find. On the left is the black miso ramen, the right the tonkatsu ramen. Beware, the black miso ramen is spicy! The yellow tail sushi (top) was delicious. The side dishes of spicy tuna and spicy salmon are incredibly gratifying. I highly recommend the spicy salmon to those who love salmon and enjoy a slight kick!

14230 Chino Hills Pkwy, Ste B, Chino Hills, CA 91709
tues-sun 5:30pm - 9pm
wed-fri: 11:30am - 2pm
sat-sun: 12pm - 2pm

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